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Central African Republic - The program

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Broadcasting and Programming

Radio Ndeke Luka is a national radio station that broadcasts to the whole country. Its programmes are broadcast on FM every day, within a radius of 100 km around the capital and 80 km around the two big urban centres of Bouar and Bambari. The rest of the country is covered on shortwave, while the programmes are also available via mobile phone and on the radio’s website.
Radio Ndeke Luka is the most popular radio station in the CAR. According to a 2012 survey, Radio Ndeke Luka has twice as many listeners as other local and international radios, with
8 people out of 10 listening to it every day. It is viewed as the radio of the people.

And it is the only radio whose audience includes equal numbers of men and women, old and young, as well as people of all social classes. Its main asset is its credibility: the people of CAR put great trust in it, for they consider it a reliable source of news and information. Radio Ndeke Luka can be understood by all, as it broadcasts in both French and Sango. And it stays in touch with its listeners by giving them a voice.

Production team- Budget- Donors

Radio Ndeke Luka employs about 30 staff and correspondants in the CAR. Since the appointment of a Central African director two years ago, all the radio’s staff are nationals.
The annual budget for the project is 850,000 Euros. The main donors are the European Union, the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), the canton of Geneva, Dutch NGO Cordaid and the French embassy in Bangui. Before the crisis broke out in 2013, about 15% of Radio Ndeke Luka’s budget was covered by advertising revenue generated in Bangui.

History and partnerships

Radio Ndeke Luka broadcast its first programme on March 27, 2000. It was the successor to Radio Minurca, the United Nations radio in the CAR, which stopped working. Since 2009, Radio Ndeke Luka is officially registered with the High Council of Communication. A process is under way for Fondation Ndeke Luka, a registered Central African NGO with close
links to Fondation Hirondelle, to gradually take over the management of Radio Ndeke Luka.

Support to community radio stations in the CAR

As of December 2013, Fondation Hirondelle has obtained funding from the European Union to rehabilitate community radios that were looted during the war. The project, implemented in partnership with the Association des Radios Communautaires (Community Radio Association), provides for support to about ten community radios throughout the country, and construction of a technical workshop in Bangui. The community radios will also be provided with equipment allowing them to broadcast some of Radio Ndeke Luka’s programmes live.