Radio Miraya (South Sudan), 08.02.2013 : Fear of famine in Unity State


Authorities in Unity State have warned of possible famine in Panyijar County.

A team of officials from the state government and state legislative assembly visited the area and found people are eating water lilies and wild fruits, as there is a lack of food in the area.

An MP who visited the area, Simon Gatluak, told Radio Miraya that the situation has mainly been blamed on poor crop harvest as a result of floods last year.

« This area was affected by flood last year so there is a need for humanitarian intervention for food, the whole population is depending on water lilies and other wild fruits, you know that last year their cows were raided so it is a big problem, actually it is out of hand, people are sleeping without anything but you know as pastoralist and a Nilotic who are actually along the river, you cannot easily die but there is nothing at all, » he said.

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