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During the training, journalists interview people in Môn State about the problems of water shortages in the village of Kyaikmaraw. ©Martyn Brown / Fondation Hirondelle During the training, journalists interview people in Môn State about the problems of water shortages in the village of Kyaikmaraw.

Coverage of Human Rights in Myanmar : our training of journalists in Mon State

A training of journalists was organized at the beginning of April by Fondation Hirondelle in Môn State, in the south-east of Myanmar. Objective: to improve coverage of human rights issues.

The training lasted one week, from April 2nd to 6th. The trainer was Martyn Brown, Fondation Hirondelle's Editorial Advisor in Myanmar, a British journalist stationed in the country for several years, specializing in the treatment of parliamentary news and human rights. Three participants in the training explain what they learned of it:

U Thaung Tun, Mon Reporter for Eleven Media (10 years experience) :
"By joining this training, we understand more about the basics of journalism. The trainer shared his international views so we have a chance to know more in details than before and we learnt more about using social media like Twitter. Before that, we had no specific media training for us concerning IT and social networks. Now, according to that training, we are better able to use the social media well. The trainer also shared his knowledge about the coverage of human rights, even if the training took just a few days. If they give some similar training to us, the local reporters here, twice or thrice, it might help us to be experienced and get international knowledge.
For IT, we have few experience, we just use Facebook normally. Actually, the local reporters here are just able to survive in the field. We cannot buy the gears with high-quality. So, it effects on our news production. If we get more intensive practical training for IT and equipment, it might give us encouragement."

Kay Htaw, Hinthar Media (5 months experience) :
"I learnt the techniques to prepare myself before reporting news, to research about the interviewee before meeting, to ask counter questions while interviewing. I have a weakness in interviewing. I would like to know more about media laws, rules and regulations and ethics in the future."

Won Sa Mon, Mon News Agency, (4 years experience)
"Even I have worked for radio platform, I have learnt to write the script in radio story style and it is a benefit for me. Before that, I only wrote news and news are a bit easier to write for radio. Now, I have to write the feature for radio so it makes me more experienced. Most youths are not interested in radio so there should be more trainings like that for youths to know how radio platform is effective."