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A radio listener in Niamey, capital of Niger ©Anne Mimault / Fondation Hirondelle A radio listener in Niamey, capital of Niger

What is the impact of radio? Testimonies of Studio Kalangou listeners in Niger

Studio Kalangou is our daily news radio programme in Niger, produced in its central editorial office in Niamey by Nigerian journalists and broadcasted by a network of partner radio stations in all regions of the country. During the last two tours of the Agadez, Tahoua, Tillabéri and Dosso regions, the Studio Kalangou team gathered a number of testimonies from listeners on the role and impact of the program in their lives.

Azara Afangal, a trader in Arlit, "It is through Studio Kalangou that I receive information in my mother tongue. Every day, I am informed about what is happening in my country.”

Adamou Abdou, a taxi-motorcycle driver in Arlit, "Studio Kalangou is an inexhaustible and credible source of information. I am tuned in to Kaocen radio from 5pm to 7pm.”  

Mme Mamane Ali Rakiya, a teacher in Agadez, "Studio Kalangou has enhanced the credibility of radio in Niger. I never miss your shows. As listening devices, I have a radio and my mobile phone at all times. I am ready to intervene in your forums. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact me on the themes of education, women and children.”

Algamiss Islaman, SG Urban Commune of Agadez, “Studio Kalangou provides us with credible and impartial information. Long live Kalangou.”

Moussa Abdourahamane, Governor of Tahoua, “You, you are not like other journalists, I make a gesture to you and you decline it. I now understand the reasons for the credibility of your programmes.”

Mohamed Yatane, a civil society actor in Tahoua, “We have a group of friends, and every evening we draw our themes for debate through the programmes of Studio Kalangou.”

Hassane Dan Ladi, teacher in Tamaské, "Here in Tamaské, Kalangou’s arrival brought us out of the darkness, I mean there was a crucial lack of information on what is happening in the country.”

Elhadji Rabiou, disabled beggar, "I am certainly disabled, but I am a loyal listener of your programs. You provide the listeners with the information they were missing. But I find the broadcasting time very short.” 

Soumana Assoumane, Prefect of Bouza, “Studio Kalangou, provides the listener with information and it is up to him to make up his mind. Personally, I have understood that your programs are beyond reproach.”

Mme Ousseini Mariama Adamou, Prefect of Madaoua, “Thanks to Studio Kalangou, the information of the Madaoua Department is brought to the attention of the whole world through your distribution network. This helps us to have partners who support us in managing the situation of the Bangui refugees.”

Amadou Sabo, Cantonal Chief of Dogondoutchi, “The information in your Studio is exceptional. Thanks to Dallol Radio, we get almost daily news from the country. Thank you Studio Kalangou.”

Soufiaou Idi, woodworker in Dougondoutchi, “If it is up to me, Kalangou must broadcast at least 4 hours a day. If possible, add programs for young people and women in abundance. We have an idle youth who need to be accompanied and our women do not master the basics of modern life.”

Maïdanda Seydou Djarmakoye, Sultan de Dosso, "I thank Studio Kalangou for its tireless contribution to the culture of peace and to the economic and social development of Niger. I never miss your shows, which I simply simply find exceptional.”

Djibrila Hassane, tailor member of the Fara’a Dosso club, "I have been listening to Kalangou shows since 2016. Before the newspapers were impartial but today, as soon as someone starts talking, you cut them off. Why?" (Allusion to the different denominations involved in the distribution of newspapers)

Abdoulrazak Halidou, a three-wheeled taxi driver, "I very often miss costumers while listening to Studio Kalangou programs.”

Moussa Namaïwa, facilitator at Dosso’s big market, “Every day, I plug in Studio Kalangou programs into my sound system in the market to allow my neighbours to listen to the information. The day I miss work, they’re like “orphans”.”

Salo Hamadou, pharmacist in Dolbel, "Here, the only information I listen to is Kalangou’s. Thank God, Kalangou tells us everything that is happening in the country and that is what we are looking for. Without Kalangou, Dolbel is isolated in terms of radio news."

Clémen Paul, orderly at the town hall of Ouallam, “I love Kalangou, it’s the radio that tells the truth, it’s a radio that impresses me a lot.”