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The SDC has supported Fondation Hirondelle for 20 years


                  Our partner for 20 years, the Swiss Confederation has dedicated an article to our work and our cooperation. "Fondation Hirondelle, a Swiss NGO based in Lausanne, supports independent media in crisis zones. For the past 20 years, it has been committed to free journalism, contributing to re-establishing dialogue, fostering peace and promoting economic growth and democracy. Fondation Hirondelle enjoys the backing of the SDC. It supports the creation and management of independent media in conflict or post-conflict areas. The association’s work is based on the conviction that impartial, independent and accurate information provided to those who are deprived of it is the...

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Prev Next Mali truth commission to hear victims in Timbuktu

25-11-2015 Hits:9 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

For its first mission outside the capital Bamako, Mali’s new Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission has chosen Timbuktu, where destruction of religious monuments three years ago have been classed as war crimes for the first time in the history of international justice.  

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23-11-2015 Hits:27 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

The past week was again a sad one for justice. The world was shocked by a succession of violent Islamist attacks in Beirut, Paris and Bamako. In Tunisia the brutal, videotaped throat-slitting of a young shepherd shocked the whole country, while the “intifada of knives” continued to claim victims on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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16-11-2015 Hits:63 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

First comes compassion for the victims and their families, and of course solidarity. After the initial shock of the carnage also come the emotions: anger, thirst for revenge, the temptation to reduce the attackers to barbarians or criminal thugs, as if denying that they were also motivated by an ideology.  This tragedy obliges us to take stock of them but also define ourselves and our values.

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09-11-2015 Hits:62 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

Ask anyone in Bujumbura and they will tell you the same thing: dark days lie ahead.Burundi seems to be descending into uncontrolled violence. A frightening lawlessness is taking hold, which some authorities appear to be taking advantage of to justify brutal repression. Politically motivated killings are more frequent by the day, with hardly any of the killers arrested or prosecuted.

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