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Ruth Dreifuss, Loyal Friend of Fondation Hirondelle


                      Ruth Dreifuss, former President of the Confederation and Swiss Federal Councillor from April 1, 1993 to December 31, 2002, is a loyal Friend of Fondation Hirondelle. She has been following and supporting our activities since the beginning. The late Philippe Dahinden, co-founder of the Fondation, talked to her about it when he returned from missions on the ground, because they defended the same social causes in Switzerland. Then Ruth Dreifuss visited Star Radio, a radio station set up by Fondation Hirondelle in Liberia. She was able to see in concrete terms how this independent radio station was responding to the...

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100 Years after Balfour Declaration, Palestinians Threaten to Sue

24-08-2016 Hits:12 News Heinzmann - avatar Heinzmann

Can the law correct the colonial past? That is the hope of Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, who plans to sue Britain in an international court for the Balfour Declaration nearly a century ago which gave a “national home” to the Jewish people. In our troubled times, people are putting their hopes in the courts. Judges are inevitably called to decide one way or the other (guilty/ not guilty), so they appear the ultimate arbiters who can provide judgment, reason, sanctions and reparations.  Hence the temptation, including for governments, to turn to the judicial authorities on historic conflicts, so as...

Read more : Malian Jihadist who destroyed holy sites tells his story

23-08-2016 Hits:13 News Heinzmann - avatar Heinzmann

  Malian former Jihadist Ahmed Al Mahdi pleaded guilty on Monday as his trial opened at the International Criminal Court (ICC). He faces a single war crimes charge for the destruction of nine mausoleums and part of the Sidi Yahia mosque during the occupation of Timbuktu by Jihadist groups between April 2012 and January 2013. He could face up 30 years in jail. “I plead guilty,” said Al Mahdi as he embarked on his explanations at the trial opening. He told the court he was doing so with “great regret and pain” because all the Prosecutor’s allegations were correct. Yes, he oversaw...

Read more : World must help save South Sudan, says expert

09-08-2016 Hits:49 News Heinzmann - avatar Heinzmann

  In South Sudan, a fragile peace deal signed in August 2015 looks in doubt as fighting again erupted in Juba this July and Vice-President Riek Machar fled the capital. Many civilians have not only died but also been the target of serious human rights abuses. The US-based Enough Project recently published a report looking at some of the underlying causes of the conflict in South Sudan. In this interview, report author Brian Adeba tells JusticeInfo there will be no end to impunity unless the international community ensures the peace deal is applied. South Sudan, the world’s oil-rich newest country, has hardly...

Read more : Togo Still Waiting for Democratic Transition

02-08-2016 Hits:90 News Heinzmann - avatar Heinzmann

  Togo seems as far as ever from deep political reform, as signalled at a workshop of the High Commission for Reconciliation and National Unity during the week of July 11 to 15. This body was set up two years ago and is supposed to support democratic transition. In 56 years of independence, this West African country has been ruled with a firm hand for 49 years by the same biological and political family, the Gnassingbé family. At the moment, the country’s public institutions and the Constitution (which since 2012 no longer limits presidential mandates) are not conducive to democratic pluralism. These...

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