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Alexandre Delvaux is new FH Representative in CAR


  Alexandre Delvaux, an international consultant on media projects, is Fondation Hirondelle’s new Country Representative in the Central African Republic (CAR). Mr.  Delvaux took up his post in Bangui on Wednesday April 13. He will supervise the implementation of Fondation Hirondelle activities on the ground: management of Radio Ndeke Luka and Fondation Ndeke Luka, relations with other operators, donors, partners and the Central African government.

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Our headlines Justice for forced sterilization victims: Pending points in Peru’s transitional jus…

28-04-2016 Hits:12 News Oliver Galfetti - avatar Oliver Galfetti

Justice and redress for alleged victims of forced sterilization have long been prorogued  on Peru’s transitional justice agenda. The Ombudsman (2002) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2003) reported that this practice was common place during ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s mandate and potentially affected around 300,000 persons, mainly rural workers and indigenous women. They were allegedly surgically sterilized without their consent via the Reproductive/Family Planning Programme (1996-2000) implemented to control the population growth in accordance with economic development goals. Only in April 2015 the Prosecutor re-opened an investigation into the alleged forced sterilizations of over 2,000 people. Fujimori and others, mainly ex-Healthcare Ministers, are...

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27-04-2016 Hits:15 News Oliver Galfetti - avatar Oliver Galfetti

Colombian political scientist Ariel Avila is a specialist on the country’s guerrilla movement. He talked to JusticeInfo about the last hurdles to overcome before a peace accord can be signed to end 50 years of civil war. At the heart of peace talks taking place in Cuba is security for the rebels after they disarm. The talks could last several more months.  JusticeInfo: What is still needed for the FARC rebels and the government to sign the peace agreement?  Ariel Avila: Basically, 80% of the issues have already been dealt with. It remains to resolve the issues of disarmament, which would signal a...

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26-04-2016 Hits:14 News Oliver Galfetti - avatar Oliver Galfetti

Ephrem Rugiririza, JusticeInfo.Net Burundi’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, launched in March by President Pierre Nkurunziza, is seeking 34 million dollars to fund its activities. But former President and Senator for life Sylvestre Ntibantunganya says the priority right now is not to fund a Commission whose mandate and composition are controversial. In an interview with JusticeInfo, he says the current political and security situation is “not conducive to the Commission’s work”. This comes amid a resurgence of violence in Burundi, the assassination of a Tutsi General and the announcement by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that she is opening a preliminary...

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25-04-2016 Hits:22 News Oliver Galfetti - avatar Oliver Galfetti

The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court said Monday she was opening a preliminary probe into violence in Burundi, which has been engulfed in a deep political crisis for a year.ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said she had been following events closely since April 2015 when the central African country was thrown into turmoil by President Pierre Nkurunziza's announcement that he would run for a third term. She said she had "repeatedly called upon all involved to refrain from violence, warning that those alleged to be committing crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court could be held individually...

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