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Radio Ndeke Luka, a Dynamic Team at the Heart of News and Information


  A July 13 article in Swiss newspaper Tribune de Genève pays tribute to the dedication and motivation of all the team of Radio Ndeke Luka, Fondation Hirondelle’s radio in Bangui. Fabrice Junod, Fondation Hirondelle’s technical and IT chief in Lausanne, bears witness to the “miracle of radio in Africa”.  “The thing that is extraordinarily motivating in this project is that with few means we can have an enormous impact,” he says.

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Our headlines : After the North, Violence Hits Central Mali

27-07-2016 Hits:13 News Heinzman - avatar Heinzman

  Mali is struggling to implement the peace and reconciliation accord reached a year ago to restore peace and security particularly in the north of the country. And as if that were not enough, the central region, long spared from the violence endemic in the north, has in recent months seen a sort of insurrection the army is struggling to control. This situation poses a threat to a transitional justice process that has hardly begun. In Kidal, northern Mali, cohabitation remains very difficult between two armed groups that signed the Algiers peace accord. The latest clashes between former rebels of the Coordination...

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21-07-2016 Hits:25 News Heinzman - avatar Heinzman

In a society as conservative as Chad’s, taboos were too strong. So, for 25 years, women had remained silent. “There was too much shame and fear,” says Kaltouma Defallah. In her modest house in N’Djamena, a fan tries to cool the room down, whereas the outside temperature in the sun is 42 degrees. Tears run down the cheeks of this former Air Africa hostess as she watches a video of her testimony before the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) in Dakar on October 20. Kaltouma’s testimony, along with those of three of her companions, told the Court that the former Chadian president...

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20-07-2016 Hits:34 News Heinzman - avatar Heinzman

In October, the new Sri Lankan government of President Maithripala Sirisena co-sponsored a UN Human Rights Council Resolution calling for a wide range of transitional justice mechanisms after 26 years of armed conflict with the Tamil Tigers. These include a war crimes court with participation of international judges, prosecutors and lawyers. But the government now seems to be backtracking. At the end of June, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said he “remains convinced that international participation in the accountability mechanisms would be a necessary guarantee for the independence and impartiality of the process in the...

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19-07-2016 Hits:40 News Heinzman - avatar Heinzman

There had been much speculation in advance that strained relations between some African leaders and the International Criminal Court (ICC) would be in the forefront of this year’s African Union (AU) summit. Some people had even feared African countries might together pull out of the ICC’s founding treaty, the Treaty of Rome. But the 27th AU summit that ended on Monday July 18 in the Rwandan capital Kigali made no mention of the ICC in its final conclusions. Were the Heads of State too preoccupied by the renewed conflict in South Sudan, or by the financial survival of their organization? Or...

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