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A Breath of Fresh Air at Radio Monastir


          During its start in 1977, in the time of Habib Bourguiba (Tunisia’s first president, born in Monastir), Radio Monastir broadcasted on AM frequencies throughout the country and even into neighboring Italy. With the arrival of FM in the 2000s, the station became one of the five regional stations of the Tunisian National Radio, covering the Sahel and a part of the center of the country (Kairouan), reaching more than 3 million listeners. But time took its toll: the Ben Ali years, the "state" radio, the (still) all powerful administration. The radio rested on its laurels, living off nostalgia. In early...

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Our headlines : week in review : witnesses "outed" at Gabgbo Trial, ICC under fresh atta…

08-02-2016 Hits:4 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

The crimes against humanity trial of former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo and his former Youth Minister Charles Blé Goudé at the International Criminal Court again dominated transitional justice news this week. Both men rejected the charges against them. Blé Goudé presented himself as a man of peace like Martin Luther King. Several incidents occurred during the hearings, with the names of four protected witnesses being revealed by mistake. This is embarrassing for a Court whose credibility is already fragile.

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05-02-2016 Hits:14 News Gilles Magnin - avatar Gilles Magnin

Unlike many of his peers, the young president of Kenya did not start as a rebel fighter. But when it comes to waging war on the International Criminal Court (ICC), Uhuru Kenyatta has been skilful at mobilizing support, even outside his country. Indeed, his guerrilla war against the ICC seems, to the regret of many Kenyans, to have become the central focus of his foreign policy. It was expected. At the African Union (AU) summit that ended in Addis Ababa on January 31, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta proposed that the AU prepare a road map for withdrawal from the Statute of...

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03-02-2016 Hits:30 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

As part of their defence before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Laurent Gbagbo’s lawyers have chosen to attack. First they attacked Gabgbo’s successor, current Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara, who “wanted to take power by force”. And then France, which they say “had long been secretly preparing” Gbagbo’s ouster. Gbagbo’s co-accused Charles Blé Goudé chose  to attack the portrait of him presented by the Prosecutor.  

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01-02-2016 Hits:36 News Chantal Baranger - avatar Chantal Baranger

Observers all agree that fighting impunity will be one of the main challenges facing the next government of the Central African Republic (CAR). The governing team that emerges from the current election process can only restore hope among Central Africans if it can provide justice in the widest sense, bring good governance and rule of law, notably by restoring the authority of the State and public institutions so they serve all citizens regardless of politics, ethnicity, religion or social class.

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