Radio Miraya (South Sudan), 15.01.2013) : State government reduced in Unity state


The speaker of the Unity State Legislative Assembly, Simon Maguek Gai, says that the State Legislative Assembly has endorsed a resolution to reduce the size of the State Government, so that the block grant from central government is enough for the state.
Unity State government have decided to reduce the number of ministries to ten from fourteen and state advisors from seven to four.
Gai, also said that the specialized committees in the assembly are reduced to ten.
“Seven advisors are reduced to four and the commissioner headquarters is completely dissolved. Four ministries are dissolved so you remain with ten ministries and four advisory affairs. The assembly is also reduced to ten because they used to be fourteen specialized committees. It has been a big tie sable number to the government. So we reduced it to a reasonable number that will be afforded by the blow grand coming from Juba,” says Gai.

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