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Covid-19: 5 tips to detect fake news ©

Avoiding the spread of misinformation, to fight against the spread of the virus: our newsroom in Burkina-Faso, which produces the "Studio Yafa" programme for young people in this country, shares in an online article 5 simple and useful tips to avoid becoming a vector of "fake news". Read the article here.

Like our other media and programs in Africa, Studio Yafa has adapted its programing schedule to cope with the epidemic that is also spreading in Burkina. Since March 23, our team of journalists in Ouagadougou has been broadcasting a "Covid" short news bulletin on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays: one minute on a theme related to Covid 19 followed by a reminder of barrier gestures, in 5 languages. Special broadcasts of the talk-show "Y'a débat" are also devoted to the pandemic. These productions are broadcast by 37 partner radio stations throughout Burkina Faso.