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Who we are

Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss non-profit organization founded in 1995, which provides information to populations faced with crisis, empowering them in their daily lives and as citizens.


Our videos

  • Panel : "L'information au Sahel : un enjeu de paix ?"

  • Lancement des coproductions du programme Sahel

  • Rapport annuel 2022

What we do

We produce and broadcast information and dialogue programs using media best suited to the audiences we want to reach. We support and strengthen our media and partners through training and editorial, managerial, and structural support to enable them to function more sustainably. We evaluate the impact of our programs and contribute to research on information and media.


Every day, through our work, millions of people have access to media that speak to them and give them a voice, as close as possible to their most essential concerns and needs.

If the journalists from the media we develop or support can freely exercise their profession and give voice to the citizens of their country, it is thanks to the funding of public partners and the generosity of private donors.

To sustain our efforts over time and to allow the development of new projects, your support is essential!

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Our media

Since 1995, we have created and developed 23 media and media programmes, in 22 countries and online. Some have been transferred to local organizations, others continue to operate under UN missions. Discover our current media.