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Informing in times of crisis: our photo & video exhibition in Lausanne ©Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation Hirondelle

Fondation Hirondelle is organising an exhibition of photographs and video projections at the Forum of the Lausanne City Hall from 1 to 12 September 2020, on the theme "Informing in times of crisis". On the occasion of its 25th anniversary and through the work of its journalists, media and partners, this exhibition showcases the universal need for reliable information.

How can we understand the world around us without being informed? How can we face the challenges of everyday life, as well as global crises, without access to reliable and credible information? This exhibition aims to bear witness to the role of journalism in meeting this universal need. A vital role in societies facing major crises - conflicts, humanitarian disasters -, democratic transitions, or processes of justice and reconciliation... But an equally important role in Switzerland and Europe, where the Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder of the major risk of misinformation.

Making the Right to Information effective, promoting dialogue, making diversity heard, (re)creating trust: the exhibition is organised around these 4 fundamental issues for media aware of their social function. We have selected 27 photos taken by 6 renowned international photographers (Gwenn Dubourthoumieu, Lâm Duc Hiên, Marc Ellison, Ollivier Girard, Sébastien Rieussec, Jason Florio). They have travelled to the D.R.Congo, Tunisia, Gambia, Niger, Mali and Myanmar, to portrait journalists supported by Fondation Hirondelle, and the audiences they strive to inform on a daily basis.

A projection area will also present the new video series "Journalism in 300 Questions" produced by Fondation Hirondelle's Head of Editorial Content Michel Beuret. The series features major interviews with international journalists and researchers, who in 12 to 18 minute videos deal with the issues and challenges of contemporary journalism, around big themes (war reporting, media economics, thwarting "fake news", etc.).

The exhibition is free and accessible to all, from Tuesday 1 September to Saturday 12 September 2020, from 10 am to 6 pm, at the Forum de l'Hôtel de Ville, Place de la Palud, Lausanne.