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Information & Dialogue

Une correspondante de la radio régionale tunisienne interviewe des manifestants à Gafsa, à 350 km au sud de Tunis, le 16 juin 2015. © Fondation Hirondelle / Gwenn DubourthoumieuFondation Hirondelle produces and broadcasts news, information and dialogue programs that allow populations facing crisis to better understand their environment and to act in their daily lives and as citizens. This is the heart of our mission and our first focus. Our expertise is founded in over 25 years of journalistic activities in zones of war or post-conflict areas, and countries in humanitarian crisis or in transition to democracy.

In these situations, access to information that is factual, verified, and non-partisan, can sometimes be vitally important for populations who have to know with certitude what is happening in their closest environment. Is my life or that of those around me in danger? What are some possible actions I can take to tackle problems that I have to face or participate in the development of my town, region, and country? Through responsible and rigorous journalism, we allow the production and dissemination of this sometimes vital information that is always essential for the development of more peaceful societies.

Being given the opportunity to debate with other components of society, to hear the viewpoints, problems and needs of others, or question politicians, public service organizations and economic representatives, allows everyone to feel that they are heard and respected. It also renews their belief that consensual and peaceful solutions can be found to problems at the root of the crisis. The media, media platforms, and public events we are implementing are intended to create and develop these spaces for dialogue reaching a broad audience and thus connect the various components of societies in which we work.


  • Programs produced by journalists from the country or the concerned region
  • In the languages of the concerned audience, involving the need for translation of the same content into multiple languages
  • Within a framework ensuring total editorial independence
  • Use of the most adequate media solutions for the populations concerned: radio, television, Internet, and/or social networks
  • Live broadcast is privileged for audiovisual programs
  • Covering news and information that directly concerns the audience
  • Strict separation between facts and comments. Our journalists do not broadcast their opinions
  • Verification of information from different sources
  • Precision and clarity of information: always answer the basic questions (who, what, when, where, how)
  • Fair share of speaking time between participants in debate programmes
  • Giving priority to the voice of the people, especially the most marginalized communities
  • Promoting interactivity


News production

  • Factual and balanced news analysis
  • Covering news and information in a way that helps the development of societies
  • Covering the most pertinent international, national and local issues

Dialogue programs

  • Programmes that facilitate dialogue between parties in conflict
  • Political debates during election periods and between elections
  • Analysis of sensitive social issues
  • Programmes highlighting the cultural diversity of societies
  • Interactive public debates


  • Expert interviews
  • Features on specific issues
  • Practical information

Awareness campaigns

  • Production of spots, radio features and videos on topics of general interest
  • Shared on social networks
  • In partnership with representatives of civil society, on the issues that affect them

Event coverage

  • Specific coverage of local or international events
  • Bringing together journalists from various origins
  • Media networking for coordinated coverage on events of mutual interest

Creation of production structures and broadcast networks

  • Creation of broadcast media in crisis, conflict and post-conflict zones
  • Installation of technical devices for broadcasting e.g. via FM, VSAT, TV, WEB
  • Bringing local media into a network for joint broadcast of productions


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