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Fondation Hirondelle practices and defends responsible, accurate journalism in conflict and post-conflict situations, in humanitarian crises and countries in democratic transition. Our information covers the news in the countries and regions where we work, as well as key issues that connect societies. Our debate programs bring together all political and social components of society. They facilitate the participation of ordinary people in public debate, and create a platform where everyone has a voice and people can seek common solutions to problems.

Our activities are focused on: producing and broadcasting news, information and dialogue programs, that use the most appropriate media channels to reach our target audiences (e.g. radio, TV, websites, social media, mobile applications) ; supporting our media and partners through training and editorial, managerial, and structural support to enable them to function more sustainably ; evaluating the impact of our programs and contributing to research on information and media.

Onde de la Paix: des médias pour s'entendre from Hirondelle on YouTube.

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