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Media in the Midst of Polycrises: Adapting to Unprecedented Challenges

Fondation Hirondelle

Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss non-profit organization which provides information to populations faced with crisis, empowering them in their daily lives and as citizens. Since 1995, Fondation Hirondelle has created and developed 23 news media in 22 countries facing major crises. In 2022, Fondation Hirondelle's teams support more than 500 local media and 1500 journalists, technicians and media managers.

Through our work, millions of people in war-affected countries, post-conflict areas, multiple crisis contexts, and societies in democratic transition have access to media that speak to them in their language and give them a voice. Independent, credible and impartial information that is close to its audience contributes to ending conflict and building more peaceful societies.

Fondation Hirondelle practices and defends responsible, independent, accurate journalism in conflict and post-conflict situations, in multicrises contexts. Our information covers the news in the countries and regions where we work, as well as key issues that connect societies. They facilitate the participation of ordinary people in public debate, and create a platform where everyone has a voice and people can seek common solutions to problems.



Kasaï report, Ngoma Wa Kasaï, Democratic Republic of Congo, March 2020. The Kasaï has experienced community violence in 2018-2019, creating more difficulties in this already remote province of the DRC. © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation hirondelle / March 2020© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation hirondelle / March 2020

The exhibition

In an era defined by multiple and interrelated crises, journalists need to work harder than ever to help populations understand and navigate the rapidly changing environments in which they live.

Fondation Hirondelle and its partners are at the frontlines of such « polycrises », serving societies who are simultaneously grappling with conflict, political instability, economic hardship, humanitarian disasters, climate change and environmental challenges. As a journalist, this requires having the skills to explain ever more complex situations in a way that is nuanced yet accessible, it means seeking opportunities to explore solutions, rather than merely exposing the problems, and it means listening closely to communities to better understand their needs and concerns. All this in the face of mounting threats to freedom of expression and the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated and coordinated disinformation.

The photos offer a glimpse into the worlds of our journalists, who are dedicated to ensuring audiences have access to reliable information, contextual insights and opportunities to share solutions and exchange points of view. From Ukraine to Central Africa, to the Sahel, to Myanmar, the mission of Fondation Hirondelle is to empower people with spaces for dialogue and the knowledge and insights which they need to make well-informed choices for themselves and their communities.

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Launch of the exhibition during Geneva Peace Week (Hall Petale 2)

A journalist from Kharkiv Time films the funeral of a soldier from the Kraken regiment, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. © Florent Vergnes / Fondation Hirondelle / 2023© Florent Vergnes / Fondation Hirondelle / 2023

To launch the exhibition, Fondation Hirondelle is hosting an online Roundtable on Tuesday 31 October from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm:


Questions discussed:

  • What role does photojournalism play in exposing crises and conflicts, and what are its potential and limitations in terms of providing information?
  • What approach or way of working differs between foreign correspondents and local journalists?
  • Social networks seem to be undermining the ethical and responsibility issues surrounding the dissemination of shocking images. How can we remedy this?


The panelists who will participate in the discussion will be:
Apsatou Bagaya (photographer)
Aurel Vogel (co-founder of Fairpicture)
Patrick Chauvel – to be confirmed – (French war correspondent photographer, documentary director and writer, co-founders of the WARM Foundation)

Moderation: Caroline Vuillemin, director of Fondation Hirondelle


Join us on the Zoom link: