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The co-presenter of the new programme "Niger on Kalangou" during the launch of the first programme. ©Studio Kalangou / Fondation Hirondelle The co-presenter of the new programme "Niger on Kalangou" during the launch of the first programme.

Radio and peace are at the heart of the history and DNA of Fondation Hirondelle. Almost 30 years ago, a radio station in Rwanda was used to serve genocidal propaganda. Fondation hirondelle was born in reaction to this use of the media for hatred. Since then, our work continues to show that reliable and independent radio and media can be an essential component of peace. Our slogan: "Media for Peace and Human Dignity", particularly resonated on World Radio Day, 13 February, when the theme was "Radio and Peace". Our media in the Sahel, Central African Republic and Madagascar were keen to make their contribution. Here is an overview.

Niger - Studio Kalangou launches a new programme

In preparation for several weeks, the new Studio Kalangou programme called "Le Niger sur Kalangou" was launched on this particular day. It is a one-hour mid-day programme that aims to inform and entertain, particularly on cultural, sporting and regional topics in Niger. A conference was held in Niamey to answer questions from the press before the first broadcast. An open door operation also took place, allowing the public to come and immerse themselves in the studios.

Burkina Faso - Studio Yafa organizes a debate on the link between radio and peace

At a time when the situation of the press in Burkina Faso is tense, Studio Yafa organised an event dedicated to debate and reflection. Several media professionals were invited to express their views on the role of radio in peace processes and how this mission can be fulfilled. Guests were also present for this event.
Women in the spotlight. For World Radio Day, Studio Yafa also took an interest in women journalists working in Burkina Faso.

Mali - Studio Tamani and URTEL organise a joint conference

The press centre in Bamako was taken over for the 12th World Radio Day for a ceremony organised by Studio Tamani and the Union des radiodiffusions et télévisions libres du Mali (URTEL). The ceremony was marked by several testimonies from different backgrounds, as well as by the presentation of certificates to radio men and women in recognition of their work.
Studio Tamani also took the opportunity to hear from some former trainees and discussed with their partners their contribution to the training of student journalists in Mali.
A Grand Dialogue, Studio Tamani's debate programme, asked the question of radio's contribution to peace processes.

Central African Republic - Red wire day at Radio Ndeke Luka

On 13 February, Radio Ndeke Luka decided to give radio listeners the opportunity to speak. Talking about the place of radio, its use, and the expectations of those who use it means getting to the heart of the local media it represents. Several posts on social networks were published to present the team that makes up the radio and explain certain specialisations.

Madagascar - Studio Sifaka focuses on the Big Island

Studio Sifaka, our partner in Madagascar, also took advantage of this day to question the place of radio in the country. An interview with the director of the Media and Communication Observatory was conducted. An interview with the Coalition des radios was also published. It focuses on the situation of community radio stations in the Big Island.