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The presenter and hostess of the TV show that broke the tie. ©Studio Yafa / RTB The presenter and hostess of the TV show that broke the tie.

Burkina Faso: Young leaders trained in media skills

As part of the « Jeunes Leaders » program, Studio Yafa and its 35 radio partners have officially launched the media training component. After an initial pre-selection, 15 young leaders were chosen during a programme broadcast on RTB television and will participate in a training cycle set up by our studio and l’Institut pour la Gouvernance et le Développement (IGD).

A new generation is about to emerge that is determined to change the face of Burkinabe society. Since September, the Institut pour la Gouvernance et le Développement (IGD) has launched its project which aims to create, by 2025, a group of 30 to 45 young leaders who will be influential in the political and civic life of Burkina Faso. The first cohort of 15 young people were selected through a competitive and inclusive process to participate in a structured, multi-faceted training programme.

The Institut pour la Gouvernance et le Développement (IGD) offers coaching and training sessions on governance, politics and citizenship. Also, students will benefit from several study tours. A first six-day study tour is planned in Dakar, Senegal, to share experiences with Senegalese young leaders. A second six-day trip is planned to Brussels to promote the exchange of knowledge between Africa and Europe.

Studio Yafa, a partner in the project, is in charge of the media training component. It trains these young people in interview techniques and on-air presentation, and ensures the production and broadcasting of the various programmes on its network of 35 partner radio stations.

The national television channel RTB is also associated with the programme. It is in charge of the production and broadcasting of the television programmes which allowed a jury (composed of entrepreneurs, leaders, economic promoters) and the public to decide between the participants and select the 15 winners. During these programmes, which were broadcast simultaneously on the radio, the young people were put to the test to test their leadership skills. Another programme tracing the journey of this group is also planned for June.

The programme runs until 2025 and will end with a capitalisation workshop. It is financed by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and supported by the Delegation of the European Union (DUE) with the contribution of the national television station RTB.

Teaser de la finale des "Jeunes leaders" @Studio Yafa / RTB