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Journalist Nelly Tapsoba reporting for Studio Yafa in Burkina Faso. ©Studio Yafa Journalist Nelly Tapsoba reporting for Studio Yafa in Burkina Faso.

Studio Yafa's work has attracted the attention of the Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents. A report on internally displaced persons in the town of Kaya in Burkina Faso was shortlisted in the radio category of the prestigious prize.

Journalism is about telling the stories of the world, giving a voice to those who need it and encouraging reflection. It is in this spirit that the journalists supported by Fondation Hirondelle work every day to bring the public relevant, honest and impactful information. A report by a journalist from Studio Yafa, our project in Burkina Faso, was shortlisted for the Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents in the radio category, highlighting the studio's commitment to quality journalism that is useful to its audience.

Studio Yafa, based in Burkina Faso, produces independent, objective and informative media content aimed at shedding light on the complex realities of the region. One of its programmes, Faso Yafa, is produced for the two million internally displaced people in the country. A humanitarian initiative unique of its kind in West Africa.

A report produced for this programme by journalist Nelly Tapsoba was shortlisted for the Bayeux Prize in the radio category. The nomination highlighted the work of Studio Yafa, which documents stories that are often overlooked, bears witness to the realities on the ground and raises public awareness of crucial issues.

"In Kaya, the challenge of internal reconstruction for displaced persons" is a report made in the Centre-North region of the country. It looks at the means used by internally displaced people to overcome the trauma of their forced displacement. We have the opportunity to hear from an old man, a widow, a young entrepreneur and a psychologist from the local Red Cross. In their testimonies, these people open up about themes that are often taboo, such as suicide and depression. The mental health professional talks about the activities put in place to help them overcome these traumatic situations and experiences.

The Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents is an annual event that honours the work of journalists covering areas of conflict, war and humanitarian crises. It aims to highlight the courage, integrity and tenacity of journalists who risk their lives to report world events and give a voice to those affected.

At the awards ceremony on 14 October, it was a report by Maurine Mercier, correspondent in Ukraine for Radio Télévision Suisse, that won the prize. But the nomination of Studio Yafa's report for the Bayeux Prize is an important recognition of its work to promote independent journalism in a complex and constantly changing region.

The report "In Kaya, the challenge of internal reconstruction for the displaced" is available here (in French).