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3R Movement Chief Abass Sidiki and his soldiers in Koui, North-West of the Central African Republic in June 2019 ©Archives DDRR 3R Movement Chief Abass Sidiki and his soldiers in Koui, North-West of the Central African Republic in June 2019

The 3R movement is changing its approach to disarmament

The operational phase of the DDRR (Programme for disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and repatriation), launched on 17 December 2018 by the Faustin Archangel Touadera head of state in Paoua, is undertaking a turnaround. its participation will be made on condition that the government takes its demands into account.

Abass Sidiki openly announced on 19 July 2019 at a meeting in Koui that he did not intend to disarm his elements. The Cameroonian warlord is very upset and justifies his indignation by the lack of communication between him and Prime Minister Firmin Ngrébada, who is in no hurry to give favourable answers to his demands.

"I have never communicated with the Prime Minister since the Addis Ababa meeting. According to the Khartoum agreement, everything we have to do, we have to do it together and now they do not to consult us, then we will not disarm. Even to call us, the authorities do not do so," said the warlord.

In addition to this claim, there is the frustration arising from his appointment. Abass Sidiki says he has not understood anything about his position as an adviser to the priesthood. He wishes to be the first in charge of the Special Joint Security Units in the North-West zone. "The adviser in principle is the one who should be at the head and foundation of the mixed unit, but he himself is banned. And then he's gonna stay like that. He calls the Prime Minister who does not pick up his phone and sends someone to meet him," he said.

After several hours of sometimes tense exchanges in the presence of Minusca, DDRR Minister Maxime Mokom and Public Security Minister Henri Wanzé Linguissara, Abass Sidiki agreed to disarm on 29 July 2019, only 16 elements from his movement based in Besson, in the Nana Mambéréré area. "This man is clearly not ready for disarmament, given his combat arsenal," said a close source.

Published by our Central African radio station Ndeke Luka