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Worn money is not accepted by many shopkeepers in Niger ©DJE Guillaume / Source: - CC 0 Worn money is not accepted by many shopkeepers in Niger

Tillabéri / In Ouallam, shopkeepers use worn coins to pay the market tax

"In this market we receive unusable coins. In my office, I have more than 250,000 CFA francs in used parts", said Idé Yahaya, collector at Ouallam City Hall, to Studio Kalangou's reporter. And, paradoxically, these merchants do not accept worn coins at the time of purchase: "When we give them these coins to buy an item, they refuse to take them.

The amount received by this municipality is not high. Therefore, since the town hall does not receive "enough money that requires a payment from the bank, what little we receive, we spend it right here..." says Idé Yahaya.

Also, according to Idé, the National Treasury is unable to exchange this amount of worn coins on time.

Contacted by Studio Kalangou reporters, anonymous Treasury officials indicated that the Treasury does receive coins and notes regardless of the degree of wear and tear they deposit to the BCEAO (Central Bank for West Africa states), the only institution authorized to exchange "tired" money. Moreover, according to these same sources, BCEAO still accepts to exchange these types of currencies.