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Participants of the public debate on the theme of HIV prevention, organized in Gitega, Burundi. ©Aprodem Participants of the public debate on the theme of HIV prevention, organized in Gitega, Burundi.

Burundi : Training of journalists for media close to the public

Our third round of training for media professionals in Burundi was completed at the end of November. These sessions, funded by the European Union, aim to strengthen public service media in order to consolidate social cohesion, prevent violence and promote dialogue.

Strengthening the proximity between the media and its audiences is the goal pursued by Fondation Hirondelle and its partners in Burundi through the project called "Strengthening Burundian media to support social cohesion, violence prevention and promotion of dialogue". 

To achieve this, various activities were implemented, such as technical support to partner media, training for journalists but also for editors and program managers, as well as the launch of a contest (Gender and Media Award) and the production of several debates. 

Implemented in consortium with Radio LA BENEVOLENCIJA and financed by the European Union, the activities implemented by the Hirondelle Foundation have enabled the training of 184 media professionals, including 79 women. A workshop on the implementation of income generation strategies was also organized. 

At the end of the different trainings, debates were produced to put into practice the elements acquired. They dealt with themes such as freedom of the press, but also with certain social, climatic and health issues. The trainings were set up with the help of the coach Walter Mulondi, journalist and consultant for this project. 

Three discussion groups were created as a framework for exchange and coaching between the trainer and the journalists, in order to ensure a follow-up, especially around other productions (radio reports, magazines, portraits and articles) that were produced and disseminated as part of this project.

Previous capacity building series have focused on basic journalism, COVID19, protection in the news business, newsroom management, media planning, and support for leadership and management of media enterprises.