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The cover of our 2022 annual report. ©Fondation Hirondelle / AFP / Florent Vergnes / Lam Duc Hien The cover of our 2022 annual report.
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In 2022, La Fondation Hirondelle had to respond quickly to new international crises in order to fulfill its mission, which is to contribute to peaceful, inclusive, democratic, and just societies through independent media and by creating spaces for dialogue.

The year 2022 was marked by new international crises requiring a very high level of responsiveness, such as the war in Ukraine and the floods in Pakistan, and a deterioration in the political, security and humanitarian situation in the Sahel and central Africa. In 2022, we faced an unprecedented degradation of the security environment in several countries where we work. We have had to reinvent ourselves and our activities in order to be able to carry out our mission, namely to provide information to populations so they can take action in their daily lives and as citizens. We have made every effort to develop our activities where possible.

You will find all the activities carried out in 2022, as well as testimonials and interviews in our annual report:

Read our 2022 annual report.