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Geneva Peace Week Programme release ©Geneva Peace Week 2019 Geneva Peace Week Programme release

Geneva Peace Week 2019 programme release: Our panel on women and the media

From 4 to 8 November, Geneva Peace Week 2019 hosts many events dedicated to peace and humanitarian issues: discover our panel on women and the media to consolidate peace in the Sahel.

Why a Geneva Peace Week?

Geneva is the historic headquarters of the United Nations and brings together many international organizations working for peace and human rights. Geneva Peace Week offers this community the opportunity to present their concrete actions and to open a dialogue with the Swiss and international public.
Geneva Peace Week presents  projets carried out in the field and analyses conducted on various topics such as international relations, good governance, peacebuilding or women's empowerment. Many specialists and famous leaders for the humanitarian cause will lend their voices to the victims of current and future crises.

Fondation Hirondelle addresses the issue of gender inclusion in the media for peace in the Sahel

On Wednesday, November 6, from 1:30 pm to 3 pm at the Palais des Nations, Room VIII 3rd floor, Fondation Hirondelle is presenting a panel discussion on the theme of women's empowerment and the role of the media in fostering peace in the Sahel. Films and testimonies will be at the heart of this presentation in order to introduce the public to our actions in the field, and in particular the importance of our radio station in Niger, Studio Kalangou, to promote dialogue between men and women as well as in the community in general.

Among the speakers will be present:

- Emma Heywood, PhD in journalism from the University of Sheffield (UK), to present her study on the role of the media, and particularly radio, in a conflict-affected region. Since 2018, Emma Heywood has been involved in research in Niger to analyse the impact of radio on the empowerment of women. In particular, it has extended its research to Mali since 2019
- Amina Niandou, President of the Association of African Communication Professionals (APAC) in Niger
- Michel Beuret, Editorial Director at the Fondation Hirondelle, former journalist and correspondent for Radio-Télévision Suisse (RTS)

The full programme of Geneva Peace Week is available here
Register for our panel on women's empowerment for peace in the Sahel on 6 November at 13:30 at the Palais des Nations

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We wish you an excellent visit of Geneva Peace Week 2019!