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AFRIK ACTIV’ - Plattform für junge Unternehmer

Die Stiftung Hirondelle hat das das Projekt Afrik Activ' offiziell am 2. Dezember in Abidjan, im Rahmen von Land of African Business ( gestartet. Dieses Programm richtet sich vor allem an Jugendliche und Frauen: Es bietet ihnen unter anderem kostenlose Informationen, Ratschläge, zusätzliche Schulungen und Netzwerkkontakte, um ihnen die Unternehmungsgründung zu erleichtern.

After a first test phase in the first quarter of 2018, if the feedbacks are positive and the necessary funding is collected, Afrik Activ' will be pursued on the web with a digital platform. It will be based on the study of the priority needs to be met in the entrepreneurial field for young people on the African continent.

On December 2nd, the platform project has been presented in Abidjan at the opening of a round table dedicated to the cooperation between media and companies to provide answers of general interest in Africa. Afrik Activ' is an editorial partnership with The Conversation France ( . It is supported by Vivendi, Système U and Groupe Michel Hervé. This is the first time in the history of Fondation Hirondelle that a program is launched exclusively with the support of private partners from the corporate world.