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Studio Yafa - Burkina Faso

Studio Yafa is a radio, video and multimedia production studio dedicated to young Burkinabè people. It provides information and spaces for dialogue on the social and political life of the country. After a recruitment and training phase for its staff from October 2018, the broadcasting of Studio Yafa's programmes began in March 2019.

In a context where young Burkinabè people regret not being heard since the 2014 popular uprising, and as the country focuses its attention on the rise of insecurity and extremism in the national territory and in the Sahel region, it is necessary to offer young people a space where they can express themselves and be heard by all segments of society.

To meet this need, Studio Yafa produces 2’30 daily radio magazines in 4 languages (Dioula, French, Mooré and Fulfuldé) as well as multimedia content on Facebook. A major weekly dialogue program called Ya'Débat allows young people to express their views and discuss issues that concern them with other generations and decision-makers. From April 2019 onwards, television productions will deal with social issues and daily life.

These contents are produced by a team of young journalists and professional translators in a studio based in Ouagadougou. A network of correspondents throughout the country, from partner media, will complete this team from May 2019.

This project is being carried out in partnership with 15 radio stations that broadcast Studio Yafa's programmes, 2 television channels, 1 online media and 1 Burkinabe youth organisation. Specific support also aims to contribute to strengthening the Burkinabe media sector and making it more professional through training and technical support.


  • Inform the Burkinabe population, especially young people, and give them the keys to be more active in democratic and development processes through information and dialogue programmes.
  • Support the Burkinabe media sector to make it more professional through training and technical support.


  • At least 60 minutes of radio programmes produced and 4 minutes of videos per week
  • 32 radio debates produced in the 1st year
  • 3 public debates organized in the 1st year
  • 15 radio stations and 2 television broadcasting partners
  • Potential audience of 20% of the Burkinabe population
  • 12 students trained per year
  • 15 media partners participate and/or benefit from training tools
  • Listeners, viewers and the online audience find that the programmes produced help them to better understand the country's development issues and to participate more fully in public life


Team: 1 Country representative of Fondation Hirondelle, 1 Editor-in-Chief, 1 national team of 17 people (journalists, technicians, and administrative staff)

Project duration: October 2018 to December 2021

Budget: CHF 2 410 000 over the duration of the project / CHF 800,000 per year (average)

Financial resources:

  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

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