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Dezentralisierung - Ukraine

2016 hat die Stiftung Hirondelle die Erstellung einer Website über die Problematik der Dezentralisierung der Ukraine aus der Sicht von sechs jungen ukrainischen Journalisten, begleitet von zwei auf die Ukraine spezialisierte Journalisten der westlichen Welt, initiiert und überwacht. Wir arbeiten seit 2014 an der Entwicklung eines Projekts in diesem Land, in dem immer noch eine verheerende Informationskriegsführung herrscht.

A first evaluation mission to Ukraine, at the end of 2014, enabled us to identify a need for developing a network of local media and journalists in order to produce independent, reliable websites, TV, and radio information programs. This project would strengthen the existing media to offer their audiences a balanced viewpoint and stimulate dialogue and debate, especially in the sometimes forgotten regions of Kiev.

In the spring of 2016, we put in place our first pilot activity thanks to the support of the Vidrodgenia Foundation. The objective was to cover decentralization, a major problem for the resolution of crises within the country, through perspectives given by six young Ukrainian journalists accompanied by two western journalists specializing in the country. This confrontation of different viewpoints, in regions often overlooked by the national media, resulted in the production of live reports, as close as possible to the concerns of the population. These productions were broadcast by Ukrainian and Swiss media, and posted on a dedicated website: