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JusticeInfo ist ein dreisprachiges Online-Medium (Französisch, Englisch), das im Juni 2015 gegründet wurde. Es berichtet über Aktuelles der internationalen Justiz, der Übergangsjustiz und von Versöhnungsprozessen in Länder, in denen Konflikte beigelegt wurden. An die zehn Personengruppen in Afrika, Lateinamerika, im Balkan und anderswo versuchen, sich von den Zeiten der Gewalt zu befreien. Wie aber kann sich eine Gesellschaft nach solch harten Prüfungen wiederaufbauen und Wege des Zusammenlebens finden? berichtet und analysiert vollkommen unabhängig die Versöhnungsprozesse. is composed of a network of international correspondents, and has partnerships with academic institutions dealing with transitional justice as well as a variety of media from the North and the South, foundations and organizations interested in reconciliation processes (such as the International Center for Transitional Justice, TRIAL, etc).

View the embedded image gallery online at: focuses on five focus countries: Tunisia, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Myanmar. In addition to daily news, the site lists the basic documents on transitional justice in these countries as well as the most relevant sites, associations and NGOs in this area. also pays particular attention to the International Criminal Court followed by our Permanent Correspondent in The Hague.

Partnerships with the academic world, notably those with Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, allow to offer articles and analysis written by researchers. Cross-media publications are also produced with media such as The Conversation,,, Libération, Swissinfo, as well as Frontier Myanmar, a news magazine and website in Myanmar.


  • Ensure the global coverage of transitional justice process and events
  • Train local journalists in transitional justice and strengthen coverage of reconciliation processes
  • Contribute to dialogue and organize events to discuss transitional justice issues


  • 900 articles published online annually
  • + 600 posts on social media
  • 30 correspondents and journalists trained annually to cover transitional justice matters


Team: 1 Editor-in-Chief, 1 Editorial Advisor, 2 journalists and translators, 1 Community Manager, 30 correspondents

Annual budget : 300 000 CHF

Financial resources :

  • Switzerland
  • Canton of Genève
  • City of Geneva
  • Bosch Foundation


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