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Journalism in 300 questions - Our Masterclass Videos

Pourquoi les Masterclasses ?In the anarchy of online information, getting informed means navigating in a world without a map or a compass. To avoid the worst - disinformation and the lack of diversity of viewpoints that create self-centredness or information bubbles - it is better to understand the mechanics of the production of information. This is the whole point of these masterclasses designed by Fondation Hirondelle and conducted by its Editorial Manager, Michel Beuret. These videos cover around thirty topics with as many specialists in their fields: reporting, the production of information, media economics, « fake news » (how to foil them?), working with sources, the rights and duties of the journalist, the future of the press, etc... In total, 300 questions divided into 30 capsules of 12 to 18 minutes each - i. e. more than 6 hours of filmed and subtitled interviews (ENG/FR) available to journalists in training but also to anyone interested in these issues. Read more - Watch the teaser



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Our Masterclass Videos