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Studio Kalangou - Niger

Studio Kalangou ist ein tägliches zweistündiges Radioprogramm mit Informationen über Niger, das seit Januar 2016 täglich Journale in 5 Sprachen (Französisch, Hausa, Zarma, Tamascheq und Fulfulde), eine wichtige, 45‘ lange Sendung mit einer Diskussionsrunde und Dialog „Le Forum“ und Journale über Probleme des Alltagslebens anbietet. Das Ziel von Studio Tamani ist, „im Rhythmus des Niger“ zu informieren und Dialoge zwischen den verschiedenen gesellschaftlichen Gruppen anzuregen, um zu den Entwicklungsbemühungen in einem der ärmsten Länder der Welt inmitten der Krise der Sahelzone beizutragen.

Studio Kalangou’s program, produced in its newsroom in Niamey by Nigerian journalists, is broadcast by a network of partner radios located in all regions of the country. 46 private and public radio stations relay live studio broadcasts with a potential audience of more than half of the country’s population. Studio Kalangou’s team consists of about 15 journalists and translators working in its central newsroom and a network of correspondents across the country. The project is the result of a partnership between Fondation Hirondelle, the Community Radio Network (RACOM) and the Association of Promotors of Private Radio and Television in Niger (APRTPN). Continuous training of journalists and studio technicians is a key element of the project, to enable its local and sustainable anchoring. Specific trainings also benefit journalists from the partner radio stations that Kalangou hosts for intensive courses. Students are take part in practical workshops.


  • Provide Niger’s population, in all regions of the country, with independent, professional, relevant and accessible radio news, information and dialogue programs in the country’s main languages.
  • Support the development of local radios and the capacity of journalists in areas where radio is the main means of being informed and participating in public life.


  • 600 hours of radio programs per year
  • 1100 articles published online annualy
  • 3600 posts on social networks per year
  • + 4000 Facebook fans ; + 300 followers on Twitter
  • 46 partner radio stations
  • 50 journalists trained per year
  • Population covered: 10 Million


Team: 1 Country Representative of Fondation Hirondelle, 1 Studio Kalangou national editor-in-chief, 30 journalists, technicians, managers, and administrative staff in Niger

Annual budget : 1,5 million CHF

Financial resources :

  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Diverse products

Testimonies :

  •  « They say everything, in detail, they don’t hide anything, and there is no darkness! »

  •  « The Studio has correspondents in every region and at every moment. It is a way of giving the same image of our country to the Nigerian people. »

  •  « Having a forum to express yourself is something that can lead to appeasement, thus reducing extremist positions. »

  •  « It develops a sense of citizenship through impartial information, without bias. It allows you to form your own opinion. »

Listeners during focus groups organized in three locations in the country by IMMAR in 2015.

  •  « With Studio Kalangou, people really like our radio. They even think that it was another radio that merged with our radio, but we explain that it is a partnership. At our radio station, we do not provide news. But it was with Kalangou that we began to give information and that is what astonishes the population (…) people appreciate it a lot, they even say that our radio has grown now. There are even some who are jealous of it. But really, in the village, people listen a lot. »

The director of Radio Marhaba, in the south of Niger, partner of Studio Kalangou.

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