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Central African Republic, 2013. ©Fondation Hirondelle / Pierre Terdjman Central African Republic, 2013.

2013 Activity Report

Persevering in tough times

Promoting the right to information in fragile zones is Fondation Hirondelle’s raison d’être. It has acquired recognized expertise and experience in this field. In regions where there is open war, this task becomes highly intense and dangerous. And yet Fondation Hirondelle continues to fulfil its mandate in a self-sacrificing, committed and conscientious way. Let us here say thank you to all those journalists working with the Fondation for the dedication they have shown, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Current conditions in the Central African Republic and South Sudan are those of open and violent conflict. Unfortunately anything goes, like firing on an ambulance and so aiming to discredit the work of those trying, despite everything, to get the voice of information and reason heard. Fondation Hirondelle has been, and will no doubt continue to be the target of attacks questioning its impartiality, whereas it aims above all to provide impartial, non-partisan news and information. The Fondation will continue its mission!
This constant goal should be supported politically by the only organization that has coercive power at global level, that is, the United Nations. Fondation Hirondelle will also dedicate itself in future to this task of political mobilization.

Serge Chappatte
Chairman of the Hirondelle Board