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The filmed debate on migration was held in public in Niamey. ©Studio Kalangou / Fondation Hirondelle The filmed debate on migration was held in public in Niamey.

Sahel: our studios join forces for a series of regional co-productions

Studio Yafa (Burkina Faso), Studio Kalangou (Niger) and Studio Tamani (Mali) today launched programmes co-produced in the three countries. This first series of co-productions focuses on the issues of water and migration. Journalists and technicians have come together in Niamey to produce public debates, reports and forums on these cross-cutting issues.

With 173 radio partners, 12 television stations and a presence on digital channels, these co-productions aim to reach 5 million people in the Sahel region. Two magazines in 13 languages, six reports in 5 languages and four public debates have been produced in recent weeks.

The three Sahel countries in which Fondation Hirondelle works face common problems. Co-productions enable these issues to be tackled in a regional and inclusive way. Studio Yafa, Studio Kalangou and Studio Tamani are determined to use their platform to give a voice to the people directly affected by these issues.

The series offers a balanced perspective, giving a voice to experts, witnesses, migrants and local stakeholders. It also seeks to foster constructive dialogue, encourage mutual understanding and put forward solutions. Making the broadcasts in public allowed viewers to be included in the debates, to express themselves at the microphone, but also to challenge the speakers on certain aspects discussed.

"Rarely do we have programmes where migrants are invited to talk about their situation. It's always other people who speak on their behalf. And every time you hand them the microphone, they tell you: 'You speak in our name, but you don't know our reality'". Abdoul-Razak Idrissa, from the Association of Journalists for Safety and Migration in Niger.