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Burundi: Strengthening Burundian media to support social cohesion, violence prevention and promotion of dialogue

In partnership with the NGO Radio La Benevolencija, Fondation Hirondelle has been implementing a 24-month project, funded by the European Union, since January 2021, to strengthen the capacities of journalists and media professionals in Burundi.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are 10 Burundian media outlets and their employees (journalists, technicians, managers, etc.); 2 local associations and their employees: Association Burundaise des Femmes Journalistes (AFJO) and Association Burundaise des Radio-diffuseurs (ABR).

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Indirect beneficiaries are media-related organizations invited to the trainings such as local associations and NGOs; media consumers and the general population.

Selection criteria are applied to ensure that the selected media have the capacity to deploy the skills acquired to produce and disseminate reliable and factual information. The project systematically invites more media outlets than the 10 direct beneficiaries to training sessions and workshops, particularly the National Radio and Television (RTNB), to ensure representation and inclusion of all media.

The selection process also takes into consideration social media, although they have relatively fewer audiences, but address their content to a younger population.


  • To strengthen Burundian media to fulfill their role as producers and disseminators of pluralistic information in a professional and inclusive manner, creating synergies between the population, civil society and the authorities in order to foster social cohesion and promote dialogue


  • The professional capacities (technical and editorial) of the newsrooms are strengthened
  • Burundian media participating in the project acquire new skills and tools, develop new strategies and synergies to strengthen their capacity to be sustainable actors in the media sector
  • Burundian associations participating in the training workshops develop new skills to strengthen their capacity as structural actors in the media environment


Amount: 452’000 Euros for 24 months.

Financial resources:

  • European Union


For more information: Gilles Magnin, Program manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.