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Studio Sifaka - Madagascar

Studio Sifaka is a radio and web content production studio aimed at young Madagascans. It is a unique daily offering in Madagascar, lasting two hours and broadcast by a national network of 45 partner radio stations covering the whole country. The programme contains a national and regional news bulletin, as well as magazines and programmes offering advice (on health, employment, the environment, etc.), dialogue, music and Malagasy culture. This content is produced by a group of young Malagasy journalists, editors, presenters and technicians with an average age of under 30. The productions are also shared and widely followed on the Studio Sifaka website and its social networks. The "fan's club" system, a critical listening group for programmes throughout the island, enables Studio Sifaka to incorporate feedback, comments and criticism into the production of content, so that it is always in tune with the desires and needs of its listeners.

The Studio was created in 2019 by the United Nations in Madagascar, in partnership with the Fondation Hirondelle, which trained the journalists and developed the programme. Since July 2021, Studio Sifaka has become a fully independent entity, registered as a Madagascan NGO. Fondation Hirondelle continues to support and accompany the Studio Sifaka team, under a partnership agreement signed between the two organisations.

National and international partners also provide financial support for Studio Sifaka's activities. In 2023, these include the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, FEDEVACO (Fédération vaudoise de coopération) and the French Embassy in Madagascar.

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  • 730 hours of broadcasts per year.
  • Increased involvement of listeners in the country's political life (University of Michigan).


Budget: 405,776 CHF

Sources of financing:

  • Switzerland (SDC Programme Contribution)
  • Switzerland (SDC Project Contribution)
  • FEDEVACO (Fédération vaudoise de coopération)
  • UNDP
  • European Union (EIDHR)



"The programme you produced on the couture café concept helped me to shape my project to set up a cutting and sewing training centre".

A young Studio Sifaka listener.

"The broadcast of the report on livestock farming has enabled us to optimise our investments and develop our small business. We're already present on the local market and we're even starting to have a few sales outlets in Antananarivo, the capital!"

Erica, a young entrepreneur working in livestock farming in Sambava.

"The NGO Studio Sifaka has lived on like the Sifaka itself: endemic, destined to remain one of the best ambassadors of Madagascar's richness and diversity. Stay tuned, awaken the youth to ensure the future of our country".

Monica Rasoloarison, President of the Ordre des Journalistes de Madagascar


Contact : Eve Konan, Program Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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