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Illustration from the "Doh Athan Doh Talk" program. ©All rights reserved. Illustration from the "Doh Athan Doh Talk" program.

Doh Athan grows up with a talk show: Doh Athan Doh Talk

Since 2017, Fondation Hirondelle has been producing a human rights podcast Doh Athan (Our Voices) in partnership with Frontier Myanmar, a Burmese online news magazine. In June 2023, the team launched a new podcast, Doh Athan Doh Talk.

Doh Athan Doh Talk is a discussion podcast where we bring in experts, academics and activists. The aim is to offer our Burmese listeners balanced debates on important issues, with in-depth analysis on human rights issues in Myanmar. The programme is broadcast online via social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud).

Doh Athan Doh Talk is complementary to Doh Athan, which produces feature podcasts and videos broadcast on social media platforms as well as Voice of America Radio. Through Doh Athan we share the stories of ordinary people suffering human rights violations in Myanmar. Since the military coup in February 2021 these violations have increased exponentially. But the crackdown on freedom of expression has made many ordinary people inside Myanmar afraid to speak to the media. And cuts to phone and internet services make it very difficult for journalists to access information and interviews in conflict areas.

Doh Athan Doh Talk gives us another way to talk about issues or areas that are hard to reach and which are being under-covered in the Myanmar media. We hear from experts, academics and activists who can speak more openly from outside Myanmar. They can relay what they are hearing from inside Myanmar and analyse the significance of developments.

The first episode of Doh Athan Doh Talk was published on 5 June to mark World Environment Day. This first episode deals with the damage caused by coal mining in Shan State. Two environmental activists (Nang Law Kham and Yin Liang Han) discuss how mining activities have increased since the coup and are fuelling the Myanmar army's war machine. They also debate whether foreign companies should leave Myanmar and how federalism of natural resources would benefit local people. This episode can be found here. Please note this is in Burmese language only.