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Studio Kalangou's audience

Studio Kalangou's audience

Studio Kalangou was created by Fondation Hirondelle in 2016 to give the people of Niger access to reliable information on the situation in their country. It broadcasts news, features and debates daily in five languages (French, Tamasheq, Fulfuldé, Haussa, Zarma).

An audience survey in 2023 showed that radio remains the most popular way of getting information, ahead of television, in Niger outside the capital Niamey. In 2023, Studio Kalangou had 3.4 million listeners per week

Its weekly audience grew by a remarkable 30% compared to 2020, from 12.1% to 42%. Studio Kalangou's programmes are broadcast by a network of partner radio stations in all regions of Niger. Since 2020, this network has grown to include 52 private and community radio stations and seven television stations, covering a potential 70% of the country's population.

The number of followers on Studio Kalangou's various social networks has also increased. By the end of 2023, it had over 110,000 followers on Facebook and 11,500 subscribers on X (Twitter), with its reputation growing. The programmes are also followed by the Niger diaspora, which accounts for 50% of visitors to the Studio Kalangou website.

Among listeners, 55% recommend the Studio's programmes to friends and family. 

The level of trust in Studio Kalangou programmes is high, with 74% of listeners saying they trust the information content to be true. A total 92% of Studio Kalangou listeners consider its programmes to be "indispensable or "useful" for them. This compares with 66% in 2020.

Studio Kalangou audience profile 

In 2023, Studio Kalangou's audience was almost equal male and female (49% women). In 2020, the audience was more masculine, with 63% men.

The majority of Studio Kalangou listeners are under 35 (64%). The uneducated segments of society are also well represented among listeners, with 51% who have not been to school. Radio has an important role to play with these unschooled people, bringing information to them orally, overcoming the barriers of reading.

Audience research shows that educated people are more likely to use social networks and the Internet. Studio Kalangou is therefore also expanding on social media to reach these segments of the population.

Studio Kalangou and local needs 

Programme appreciation varies according to Niger's geographical zones.

Almost unanimously, Studio Kalangou listeners consider that its programmes enable them to:

  • have a better understanding of Niger and how it works (98%);
  • listen to news in their own language (97%);
  • have access to objective, non-partisan information on the country as a whole (95%);
  • take an interest in areas, subjects, regions and populations of Niger in which they had little or no previous interest (94%).


The audience survey was carried out in July 2023 by IMMAR on a sample of 2,295 people aged 15 and over, interviewed face-to-face. It was carried out in six cities in Niger -- Niamey, Dogondoutchi, Zinder, Goudoumaria, Arlit and Agadez -- on the basis of representative samples per city using the quota method according to socio-demographic criteria: gender, age, socio-professional category and level of education.


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