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Workshop on Human Rights - Pakistan

Two experts commissioned by Fondation Hirondelle have hosted a training workshop in Karachi, Pakistan, for two weeks in July 2017, for 4 Pakistani and 4 Afghan (4 in audio, 4 in video) young directors. Each has produced an audio or video documentary during the course, on the theme of human rights and peacebuilding. This workshop was organized by the United Nations Information Center and the Swiss Embassy in Pakistan.

From 2015 to 2017, the United Nations Information Centre and the Swiss Embassy in Pakistan have partnered to enhance dissemination of information on human rights throughout the country. The film festival “Human Rights through Cinematography” organized in partnership with several member states and the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights Geneva, offered Pakistani audiences access to many professional documentaries on human rights issues from all over the world. The festival has brought to Pakistan leading experts of documentary film making who interacted with diverse audiences. The training was part of this program.

The objectives of the training were:

  • To provide a high-quality training opportunity to Pakistani and Afghan documentary-makers.
  • To promote human rights and peacebuilding.
  • To enhance dialogue and professional relations between young Pakistani and Afghan documentary makers by developing common projects with the support of professionals.
  • To present documentaries on human rights issues in Pakistan and Afghanistan created through a shared perspective/vision of young Pakistani and Afghan documentary makers.

The course has been developed by Fondation Hirondelle. It included:

  • Review of journalism good practices, ethics and production preparation
  • Documentary writing
  • Making contacts, carrying out interviews, identifying locations
  • Technical training
  • Production
  • Post-production

 The audio and video documentaries produced during that workshop have been broadcasted in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 2018 during the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights.