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Tunisia: Inclusive and citizen-oriented local governance through strengthened media

Since 2020, Fondation Hirondelle has been implementing the media component of the PACT programme - "Active Participation of Tunisian Citizens" - in consortium with the Danish organisation NIRAS. This is a Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) project in Tunisia. Its aim is to expand civic space and encourage dialogue between citizens and governments, so that public action in central-western Tunisia can be genuinely co-constructed.

Its activities focus mainly on developing and supporting communities so that, in coordination with local authorities and civil society, they can build public policy projects at local level.

In particular, these communities are supported in implementing a project. Fondation Hirondelle supports them in developing their communication skills, through training and coaching (public speaking, developing advocacy campaigns, media relations, developing communication materials, digital communication).

Fondation Hirondelle's action also aims to professionally strengthen Tunisian journalists in 6 governorates, to cover local governance issues. In this way, local media are becoming tools for informing and monitoring public policies. They contribute to accountability, dialogue and building trust between communities, civil society and local authorities.


  • To promote citizen participation in local governance through access to independent, credible and inclusive information.


  • 12 local Tunisian media are supported in the production of relevant information contributing to a better understanding by their audiences of the issues linked to local governance
  • 12 communities targeted by the project are able to manage communication around their project in a proactive and structured way.


Amount: 1,209,305 for 48 months (2023 - 2027)


Funding source:

  • Swiss Cooperation

For more information: Eve Konan, Program Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.