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Studio Yafa - Burkina Faso

Studio Yafa is a radio, video and multimedia programme production studio dedicated to young people in Burkina Faso. It provides information and spaces for dialogue on the social and political life of the country. After recruiting and training its staff in October 2018, Studio Yafa began broadcasting its programmes in March 2019.

At a time when young people in Burkina Faso are lamenting the fact that they have not been listened to since the popular uprising in 2014, and when the country is focusing its attention on the rise in insecurity and extremism on the national territory and in the Sahel region, it is necessary to offer young people a space where they can express themselves and be heard by all components of society.

To meet this need, Studio Yafa produces daily 2'30 radio magazines in 5 languages (Dioula, French, Fulfuldé, Gulmencema and Mooré) as well as multimedia content on Facebook and its website. A major weekly dialogue programme, Ya'Débat, gives young people the opportunity to express their views and debate issues of concern to them with other generations and decision-makers. 4' television productions deal with social issues and everyday life. Since 2022, Studio Yafa has also been offering a pioneering humanitarian radio programme for internally displaced people in West Africa. The programmes are broadcast by 51 radio stations and community relays in IDP camps. Studio Yafa's programmes are broadcast via 35 radio stations, a television channel, a mobile phone platform, the internet and social networks.

Radio productions are produced by a team of young journalists and professional translators in a production studio based in Ouagadougou. A network of 35 correspondents from partner media across the country completes the team.

Specific support is also provided to help strengthen Burkina Faso's media sector and make it more professional through training and technical support. Studio Yafa also works with the Union Nationale de l'Audiovisuel Libre du Faso (UNALFA).


  • Inform the Burkinabe population, especially young people, and give them the keys to be more active in democratic and development processes through information and dialogue programmes.
  • Support the Burkinabe media sector to make it more professional through training and technical support.
  • Inform and support internally displaced persons through programmes specifically dedicated to them.


  • 368 hours of programmes broadcast per year
  • More than 200 articles
  • 156 videos and TV content
  • 109,000 Facebook subscribers, 1,740 Twitter subscribers.


Team: 1 Fondation Hirondelle national representative, 1 editor-in-chief, 1 editor, 1 national team of around forty people (journalists, technicians and administrative staff).

Budget: CHF 1,360,285

Financial resources:

  • Sweden
  • Switzerland (SDC Mandate)
  • European Union
  • Czech Republic
  • Private donations
  • Income generated



"A professional piece of work. The relevance of the topics and the originality of the themes covered are indisputable. This gives Studio Yafa a special place in the habits of listeners who know how to read and decipher information".

Message from a listener in the Studio Yafa guestbook

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For more information: Pauline Bend, Program Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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