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Launched in 2015, Justice Info is the independent news website that covers the latest news on justice initiatives in countries facing the most serious violence. A leading media outlet on the subject, its editorial team and thirty correspondents publish 4 articles a week, simultaneously in French and English (also in Spanish for Colombia, and in Ukrainian and Russian for Ukraine).

The scope of its editorial coverage is defined by a term that is still little known to the general public: "Transitional Justice". This means that Justice Info covers trials for war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, truth commissions, reparation programmes, the preservation and construction of memory, reconciliation initiatives, universal jurisdiction, and so on.

Justice Info's take on these issues is rooted in the field, passionate and expert. It delves into the inventiveness of human societies faced with mass violence. It looks to new horizons such as climate and environmental justice, or corporate responsibility. Justice Info is an open, accessible and innovative medium. It aims to be a meeting point for human communities seeking justice, and a forum for lively debate.

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  • Ensure the global coverage of transitional justice process and events
  • Train local journalists in transitional justice and strengthen coverage of reconciliation processes
  • Contribute to dialogue and organize events to discuss transitional justice issues


  • 900 articles published online annually
  • + 600 posts on social media
  • 30 correspondents and journalists trained annually to cover transitional justice matters


Team: 1 editor-in-chief, 1 deputy editor-in-chief, 1 translator, 1 community manager, 30 correspondents

Annual budget : 420,161 CHF

Financial resources :

  • Switzerland (SDC Programme contribution)
  • Fondation Nicolas Puech
  • Private foundation
  • Private donations


"Consuelo, a member of Congress who was kidnapped by FARC, happened to read the editorial by JusticeInfo correspondent Andrés Bermúdez Liévano, and told me that she felt understood and heard. She is very happy to discover that there is a space to open up the conversation, which is what JusticeInfo does. It's really wonderful to see what journalism can do."

Mary Diaz Marquez | National Justice Programme Officer
Justice Rapid Response, Geneva
May 2021


For more information: Sandra Fontaine, Program manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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