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Studio Tamani - Mali

Studio Tamani is a daily radio program in Mali, which has been providing news in 5 languages (French, Bambara, Peulh, Tamasheq, and Sonrhaï) since August 2013, as well as a large 45 minute debate program Le Grand Dialogue, and short thematic magazines. Studio Tamani aims to inform and engage all of Mali’s voices to find consensual solutions to the conflicts and divisions that plague this country, which is at the heart of the Sahelian crisis.

All of Studio Tamani’s content is produced by a team of 30 Malian journalists based in Bamako and a network of 45 correspondents throughout the country. This young and multicultural team, which reflects the country’s diversity, was recruited, trained, and supervised by experts from Fondation Hirondelle. It produces the daily program of 3 hours and 15 minutes during the week (1h15 the morning and 2 hours the evening), and one hour on weekends and holidays. It is broadcast live by 85 partner radio stations across Mali. The program “Le Grand Dialogue” is also filmed and broadcast by TV stations in Bamako. This national broadcasting network was created as part of the partnership between Fondation Hirondelle and URTEL (Union of Free Radio and Television of Mali), which is the partner of the Studio Tamani project. Studio Tamani’s newsroom regularly hosts interns during their university studies in Bamako. This contributes to supporting a new generation of Malian journalists, who gain the ethical and professional values defended by Fondation Hirondelle.


  • Contribute to peace in Mali, to reconciliation and dialogue between all components of the population
  • Support the professionalization of the Malian media sector through an original media program that trains and coaches a journalist network of reference around the country


  • 1'500 hours of annual radio programming, 248 hours of television programming
  • 3'200 articles published online annually, more than 8,000 posts on social media
  • + 86'000 Facebook fans and + 48'000 Twitter followers
  • 85 partner radio stations, 3 partner televisions
  • 100 people trained annually (journalists, technicians, managers, administrators, correspondents, student interns)
  • Covered population: 16 Million
  • Studio Tamani’s audience is better informed than others about the crisis that is impacting their country and they are more favorable to dialogue as a solution to conflict (study by University of Zurich 2016)


Team : 1 Country representative of Fondation Hirondelle, 31 Malian journalists, technicians, managers and personal administrators.

Annual budget : 1,8 M. CHF

Financial resources :

  • European Union
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Diverse products

Testimonies :

  •  « It’s for the development of the country. Tamani looks to help enlighten the population through information. It helps create independent and liberated citizens in every sense of the term. »

  •  «We have reliable information. This helps prevent the creation of divisions between light skinned and darker skinned people. Not all light skinned Malians are rebels. Tamani helps us understand this. »

Listeners interviewed during a focus group led by IMMAR in mid-2014

  •  « It was Studio Tamani who broke the ice between people and groups who did not talk to each other, and who were at war. Bringing them together around the microphone in the « Grand Dialogue », Studio Tamani showed them that they could talk to each other. It has been an important contribution to the peace process. »

Amadou Thiam, 2nd vice-president of the National Assembly of Mali, and youngest deputy of the country, November 2015.

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For more information: Pauline Bend, Program manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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