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Dans un studio de la radio Gafsa, radio régionale tunisienne ayant bénéficié d’un appui de la Fondation Hirondelle, le 16 juin 2015 © Fondation Hirondelle / Gwenn DubourthoumieuFondation Hirondelle creates or supports independent, public service media and contributes to their sustainable development in complex situations. We provide expertise, advice and training to the staff of our media and/ or partner organizations – journalists, technicians, managers and administrators. We create or support revenue generating structures and activities that help make these media outlets more sustainable. These media development activities are our second strategic focus. Our expertise in this field is based on more than 20 years of experience in creating, developing, and supporting media in war or post-conflict areas, humanitarian crisis contexts or countries in democratic transition.

By supporting public and private media in such contexts, helping them to structure, train their staff and strengthen their independence, Fondation Hirondelle allows them to better fulfill their public information and social roles. If the media is better equipped to fulfill their mission on a long-term basis, then they will help make the right to information a reality for the population that they address.


  • Creating new media outlets if the context, the urgency of the situation or the requirements of editorial independence mean existing structures cannot be relied on
  • Supporting independent, private or community media, based on values, charters and shared professional codes for the production of quality, non-partisan information that serves the public
  • Supporting public media if the government on which they depend respects their editorial independence and/or as part of transforming them into public service media
  • Transferring responsibilities from international experts to qualified national teams
  • Recognition of the experience and skills acquired by our national staff and managers
  • Continuous training within our media and partners, allowing us to ensure the quality of information, the transfer of responsibility, and the integration of youth
  • Special attention given to women, young people and marginalized communities when recruiting our teams
  • In-depth analysis of the local legal, political, and social context in preparation for creating locally registered structures
  • Development of income-generating activities and funding models for our media or partners, in compliance with charters guaranteeing strict respect for editorial independence


Media creation

  • Creation of radio stations in crisis zones
  • Creation of production studios and news agencies
  • Creation of websites with news and information
  • Creation of multimedia information programs

Support for independent media

  • Development and implementation of training (see below)
  • Mentoring and training for managers
  • Auditing across all sectors: editorial, management, technical
  • Defining, commissioning and analyzing audience surveys
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Analysis of positioning and competition in the sector
  • Re-definition of identity, image, and mandate
  • Development/ updating of charters and codes
  • Implementation/ overhaul of internal and external communication processes
  • Production of new sound/ visual identity
  • Identification of potential partners
  • Advice on legal statute and governance of the media outlet
  • Fundraising support
  • Development of income-generating activities
  • Analysis of the advertising market


  • Basics of radio, TV and Web journalism
  • Conducting interviews
  • Hosting and moderating debates
  • Magazine, radio and TV production
  • Publishing on the internet and social networks
  • Coverage of elections
  • Specialized journalism: justice, economy, parliament, environment, etc.
  • Journalistic reporting with images
  • Presenting news and programs for radio and TV
  • TV and radio broadcasting
  • TV and radio production
  • Creating a TV/ radio studio
  • Radio techniques (FM broadcasting, studio construction, installation and maintenance)
  • TV techniques (studio construction, installation and maintenance)
  • Infographics
  • Photo direction
  • Creation and management of websites
  • Community management
  • Media management (strategy, financial management, human resources, etc.)


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