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Youth participation

Manifestation d’un collectif de jeunes contre la corruption en Tunisie. © Fethi Belaïd / AFP


In many countries where Fondation Hirondelle is active, youth make up a large percentage of the population. In Niger for example, nearly 70 percent of the population is under the age of 24. Despite this, there are often very few spaces for young people to make their voices heard in public life, and their needs and interests remain under- or unrepresented in the mainstream media. Many media are also out of touch with the young in their programming, and don’t address their needs or interests.

Oftentimes, young populations are also seen as a part of the problem in post-conflict or fragile contexts and are marginalized in public debate and in national reconciliation processes. Young people therefore face many challenges to increased participation. There is often resistance to their inclusion by older generations, and sometimes cultural preconceptions that youth should not have too much power in society. However, reconciliation and national dialogue cannot be sustainable if over half the population is left out. This is where media have a role to play.

Participation d’une jeune congolais à un débat « Jeunes et élections » organisé par la Fondation Hirondelle en RDC. © Fondation Hirondelle / Catherine Trautes

Our approach

Fondation Hirondelle seeks to ensure that its programming meets the needs and interests of young audiences, especially the 15-25 age group. Fondation Hirondelle’s media produce interesting and interactive programming for young audiences, including news and information specifically for youth, as well as music and entertainment shows. Some of our media even have programming produced by children and young people. Our media also create spaces for young people to be heard and participate in public life. Public debates specifically for young people on issues such as elections give them a chance to interact with public figures, ask questions, and get involved.

In supporting youth populations, it is not enough, however, to only target young audiences; it is also important to engage those that protect and work with children and young people. Our media also therefore seek to provide information for families and communities. For example, programming on children’s rights and services, maternal and early childhood health, and protection of youth provides vital information for families that can save lives and improve living standards.

Fondation Hirondelle also seeks to support the next generation of young journalists in the countries where we work. In our newsrooms, we aim to hire and train young and motivated journalists that are just starting their career. Through in-depth coaching and support, these journalists gain the skills and knowledge needed to become journalists of reference in their media sectors. We also often work closely with local universities to provide internships and training opportunities for journalism students.



  • Young populations have access to information on issues of importance in their daily lives and have a space to make their voices heard in public life.
  • Families and communities have access to information important for ensuring the well-being of young populations.
  • Our media and partner media are leaders in their sectors in providing a place for young journalists and media professionals and teaching them to work in a professional way.


Examples & testimonies

  • Reportage réalisé pour le magazine « Tous les enfants de Guinée » par une jeune journaliste du Studio Hirondelle Guinée, à Conakry en novembre 2015. © Fondation Hirondelle / Tristan Miquel

    In Guinea

    In Guinea, Studio Hirondelle Guinée produced from 2014 to 2016 a weekly radio program called “All the children of Guinea” (Tous les enfants du Guinée), which covered issues of importance for children and was produced with the active participation of children. An example here with a program dedicated to the situation of young refugees in Guinea
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  • Participants à un débat « Jeunes et élections » à Kinshasa. © Fondation Hirondelle / Catherine Trautes

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fondation Hirondelle’s project « Youth and Elections » (Jeunes & Elections) organizes public debates around electoral issues and youth participation in public life. It allows for young people to meet and discuss with their elected representatives. You can follow on the Facebook page “Jeunes et élections”
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  •  Un journaliste de Studio Tamani interroge une jeune habitante de Bamako, en septembre de 2016. © Fondation Hirondelle / Sébastien Rieussec

    In Mali

    In Mali, Studio Tamani is a place for young journalists to hone their skills: most of the journalists are under 30 years old, and students from the local universities participate in practical training courses inside the newsroom
  • Une étudiante en journalisme du Studio Mozaik à Abidjan, en mars 2016. © Fondation Hirondelle / Nicolas Boissez

    In Côte d’Ivoire

    In Côte d'Ivoire, la Fondation Hirondelle a soutenu la création de Studio Mozaik, Fondation Hirondelle supported the creation of Studio Mozaik, a local training center for the next generation of Ivorian journalists, which trained more than 100 young journalists and students in 2014/2015 with the support of Fondation Hirondelle’s editorial advisor. A selected team of young Studio Mozaik journalists covered the 2015 presidential elections in the country, with a network of 42 radio stations across the country broadcasting their productions. A web documentary was produced to highlight their work
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