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Bericht über die Parlamentarische Versammlung der Frankophonie und des Jugendparlaments - Luxemburg

Die Stiftung Hirondelle hat für den Bericht von der 43. Parlamentarischen Versammlung der Frankophonie (APF), die 2017 ihr 50. Jubiläum feierte, eine spezielle Medienaktion organisiert. Das Event fand vom 6. bis 12. Juli 2017 in Luxemburg statt. Bei den Diskussionen ging es vor allem um „die Verschiedenheiten von Sprachen, Kulturen und Identität(en)“.

A team of four African journalists from our media or partner media covered the APF’s work, supervised by an editor-in-chief. Their reports were broadcast by our media Studio Tamani in Mali and Studio Kalangou in Niger, by our network of 120 media partners in the DR Congo, and by the public broadcaster of Burkina Faso.

Our editorial team also followed young Africans participating in the 8th edition of the youth parliament that was held alongside the APF. In the debates and workshops, these young people were able to learn more with regard, for example, to education, gender equality and digital entrepreneurship. In partnership with Vivendi and Canal +, our editorial team made daily videos on these young people, their perceptions and their hopes. These videos were broadcast on the site Culture(s) With Vivendi and on Dailymotion.